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Welcome to SourceKettle!

What is SourceKettle?

SourceKettle is a multi-user project and source code management tool. It allows you to create and browse projects and source code repositories, create and assign tasks, log and manage time spent on a project, and more! SourceKettle is under active development, so more features are being added over time.

How do I use SourceKettle?

The first step is to log in! Click here to get started. Please note:

Once you've got an account, you'll want to create a project - or maybe somebody will add you to theirs? Once you have access to at least one project, you can get started - planning your project, committing code, and logging time!

Please note: Any member of the University of Southampton can log into and use SourceKettle, however it is (at the moment) primarily targetted towards projects in FPSE/ECS. Please contact us to report problems with the FPSE SourceKettle system, or report bugs on GitHub.